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If you're reading this document, you're clearly serious about security. We share your commitment.

At, we recognize that we have both a legal and moral obligation to ensure compliance with data protection legislation and industry standards. Our company value is "doing the right thing for the customer," which goes beyond just ticking boxes to keep your data safe. It involves questioning every action we take with the aim of enhancing security.

It's not merely the right thing to do; it's fundamental to our business philosophy. We exist because we keep your data safe. We excel by continuously seeking new ways to enhance its security.

Our goal is for this document to answer all common security questions. Should you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly at

Thank you for your trust,

Amir El Sayed Co-Founder,


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Risk Profile

Data Access Level
Impact Level
Recovery Time Objective
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Product Security

Data Security
Role-Based Access Control
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Pentest Report

Data Security

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Data Erasure
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App Security

Code Analysis
Credential Management
Software Development Lifecycle
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Data Privacy

Employee Privacy Training

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Password Security


Status Monitoring
Amazon Web Services
Infrastructure Security
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Network Security

Data Loss Prevention
Wireless Security

Corporate Security

Asset Management Practices
Employee Training
HR Security
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Acceptable Use Policy
Access Control Policy
Anti-Malicious Software Policy
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